Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Radio Centre-Ville Round Table #174 - September 3rd, 2016

This Week's Topics:

- SPCA might not continue to serve Montreal if ban on pit bulls takes effect.
- Huge pile of plastic dog poop placed on Montreal bus shelter.
- Justin Trudeau is in China.
- CAQ thinks Quebec should let in fewer immigrants.
- Illegal immigrant demands that children of illegal immigrants be allowed to go to school here.
- Donald Trump visits Mexico.
- New stats released about medical-assisted suicide.
- NFL player refuses to stand for anthem.
- CRTC says Quebec cannot legislate Internet service providers to block access to gambling websites.
- Residents at a Quebec senior’s residence claim to have a so-called divine potato.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Radio Centre-Ville Round Table #173 - August 27th, 2016

This Week's Topics:
- Feds pay French photojournalist thousands to take pictures of Environment minister Catherine McKenna and her staff during climate change conference.
- Richard Henry Bain found guilty of second-degree murder.
- Top French court rules ban on burkinis violates basic freedoms.
- Trudeau government commits to $450 million dollars and up to 600 troops to UN peacekeeping missions.
- Donald Trump's personal physician says he needed just five minutes to write assessment of Trump's health.
- New Children's Hospital needs major repairs already.
- The STM poll shows satisfaction rate with them at 91 %.
- Canada Post’s union give strike notice.
- 12-year-old girl poses with dead animals she hunted and killed on a recent trip to South Africa.
- Montreal passes anti plastic bag bylaw.
- Kentucky Fried Chicken denies letter obtained by journalist contains secret recipe.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Radio Centre-Ville Round Table #172 - August 20th, 2016

This Week's Topics:
- American Olympian in trouble after false crime claim.
- The burkini.
- Jacques Daoust resigns as Transport minister.
- SPCA alarmed about Montreal's new restrictions on pit bulls.
- Infant dies after being left in car in St. Jerome.
- Tragically Hip to perform likely final concert.
- Montreal will name new park in NDG after the battle of Vimy Ridge.
- Justin Trudeau names first-ever woman as House leader.
- Hate crimes are on the rise in Quebec and in Montreal.
- Donald Trump.
- Montreal extending season for pools, beaches and exterior water installations.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Radio Centre-Ville Round Table #171 - August 13th, 2016

This Week's Topics:

- Tanker truck explodes on Metropolitan.

- Police kill suspected terrorist in Ontario.

- 7-month-old boy in Texas dies after he was left all day in a hot SUV.

- People will soon be able to grow their own medical marijuana at home.

- Another interesting week for Trump.

- Access to prompt health care.

- Women being encouraged to come to Canada and give birth.

- Immigration minister wants to increase immigration to fill labour needs.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Radio Centre-Ville Round Table #170 - August 6th, 2016

This Week's Topics:
- Homeless man attacked by teenagers.
- John Abbott student’s sexual assault accusations not being taken seriously.
- Canada lost 31,200 jobs in July.
- Group suing Loto-Quebec claiming they do not clearly publicize odds of winning.
- Phone scams.
- Unsecured web sites.
- Waiter arrested after serving seafood to customer who was allergic.
- A bad week for Donald Trump.
- The heat in the Metro.
- Quebec’s Order of Dentists recommends that people keep flossing.
- Games open in Rio.